TikTok Cook Sad Papi and BELLA+CANVAS Serve Up a Four-Course Collaborative Capsule

It’s safe to say that everyone loves food. In fact, we at BELLA+CANVAS love food so much that we’ve partnered with big names within the restaurant industry, having worked with the likes of LOVE HOUR and Wanderlust Creamery on collaborative collections earlier this year. We’re continuing to tap into a hunger for more collabs with our latest partnership. We’ve tapped professional cook and social media influencer Brandon Skier, who goes by the moniker Sad Papi. With 10 years of experience in the kitchen at fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants—most recently at Auburn in L.A., Skier has had plenty of time to hone his skills in haute cuisine.  

Like many, Skier’s career took a hit during lockdown, as restaurants around his city of Los Angeles closed their doors. But as the idiom goes, when one door closes, another one opens. This was the case for Skier, who started sharing his culinary skills on TikTok. While that in itself is nothing new to the platform, it was Sad Papi’s unique approach to sharing recipes that helped him stand out. He created his own flavor of content that serves simple, honest and straightforward recipes at a refreshing pace much needed amidst TikTok’s typical hyperspeed content.  

When scrolling through Sad Papi’s feed, you’re enticed by a uniquely calming and effortless display of at-home cooking that introduces often new and interesting ingredients. While it’s easy to come across the hundredth way to dress up an instant noodles dish on social media, Sad Papi instead teaches you how to make your own kimchi powder, or how to prepare baby asparagus in a way that will leave your dinner guests amazed. It’s healthy, wholesome cooking, but more than that, it’s beautiful cooking. Everything Sad Papi feeds us is presented so elegantly; every final shot of that post’s dish looks like a work of art. The cherry on top is that we can now do it ourselves!  

This innovative use of Brandon’s culinary skills inspired us to collaborate and support his creativity. And what better way to shine a spotlight on his culinary creativity him than to help him support his audience. In doing so, we’ve come together to create an extremely comfortable collection of styles that carries his audience’s nickname, the “Papita,” as well as Sad Papi’s catchphrase of “Let’s Cook Together.” These elements are found throughout the collection, which consists of BELLA+CANVAS’ flagship Airlume Cotton Crew Tee, The Cutoff Shorts, The DTM Street Hoodie and The Scrunch Pant. The overall aesthetic of the capsule takes on Brandon’s signature Black & White look, which he’s come to be known for among his Papitas.  

Sold exclusively online through BELLA+CANVAS, the full collaborative collection dropped today, July 20th, retailing in price from ($38) to ($68). To see more BELLA+CANVAS collaborative efforts, be sure to check out our Collabs page here where we’ve partnered with everyone from artists to environmental organizations to streetwear imprints and more.  Click here to visit the BELLA+CANVAS online store to shop the collaboration!

Scroll down for a closer look at the full collection, showcasing our BELLA+CANVAS x Sad Papi styles including the Airlume Cotton Crew Tee, The Cutoff Shorts, The DTM Street Hoodie and The Scrunch Pant.

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