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Way Write First Message on a Dating Site

The why you approach your email is one of the key areas that people tend to get wrong they go at it not being themselves and lying about key areas. The most important thing is to be genuine and be yourself people can tell when your lying and when you’re being honest, simply put just be yourself.

The one thing you must always remember is to keep it short, making the message too long will most likely scare people off. Keeps it to 3 to 4 sentences as the first messages aim to to get people to your profile which will then hopefully lead to them sending a message back. A short message will give you an air of mystery which is a good thing whereas a long email will just come across as needy.
Key points:

-When you do write a message or your profile make sure you don’t put anything strange down i.e. anything weird that you might be into as you don’t want to give the wrong impression, leave it till later when you’ve gotten to know one another.

-When you write a message you want to prove you read their profile and therefore you want to ask question about what you read will prove you are really interested in that person.

-Don’t whatever you do spam lots of people with the same email just because you like the look of them, people can tell when you do this they are not idiots. Spamming also results in you coming across as lazy.

-If you find something on their profile that you are also interested in mention it get a conversation started about that subject will be a great way to break the ice (however only write about one or two of these in the first message same any others later as it will give you something to talk about.

-Ask questions about what you have read, so an interest and excitement (even if you’re not that excited about it) this will show that you are really interested in that person. You can do this by using phrases like “you mentioned” or “I notice something” or “I’m curious about”.

-No text language as it just shows you as being lazy.

-Make sure you have a picture on your profile as if you don’t people will visit your profile and will leave straight away as they will think something is wrong with you (no matter how you leave about your looks put a picture on there (be proud of who you are). Also make sure they are of you and not you in a group this might confuse people.

-Don’t send information about you privates or annual income, people don’t want to know in your first message or at any of the early stages of dating let that be later down the line.

-Talk about them at the beginning of the message as will make them feel you have an interest in them not yourself. Will also make them feel special and that you don’t send out a lot of emails.

-Avoid words like “sex”, “sexy”, “hot”(unless it about the weather), “pretty”(in terms of their looks), “beautiful”(again in terms of their looks), “cutie”, “sweetie”, “babe”, “Hun” or “honey” will turn them off straight away.

-Tell them what you are looking for. This will make sure you’re both on the same page and both after the same thing. Not everyone is after a long and serious relationship to start off with.

-Don’t mention their look no matter how amazing they are, save it for later.

Remember online communication is hard as it doesn’t show your true feelings so you have to show it in the way you write. Write what you feel not what you think they would like to hear.

If you follow what I have told you should see an increase in your views as well as you response and if nothing comes of your first few message just keep trying and don’t get disheartened just because some people aren’t getting back to you.