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Way to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

Most guys struggle to ask a girl out let alone ask her in a way that is stylish, comfortable and relaxed. If you can remove any attachment to the outcome you can then opperate in a more light hearted way which comes across as much more attrative. Learning to play, joke and give her a little attitude is rooted in your inner confidence and that means not caring about outcomes.

Most guys lack skills asking women out simply because they have very little experience actually doing it. Nothing will compensate for experience and practice. Your skill will improve and you will become comfortable approaching woman the more you do it. Always remember women like to be noticed. Showing an interest will make her day what ever she says. It does not matter what she says.

The only thing that matters is if she is attracted to you. If she says no, but she is attracted to you then you have succeeded. If she is attracted to you and you know it, then it will be easy for you to ask her out again at another, possibly more appropriate time? It is not possible to not be attracted to someone once you create attraction. Sexual attraction is the only thing that matters when asking any woman out.

The more you care about the outcome the less social freedoms and power you allow yourself.

Here are the main options you have when asking a girl out.

1. Ask- “would you like to go out with me” This is the worst way it’s lame, “asking” sends a strong message that you are not relaxed right from the start.

2. Suggest- “Hey, we should catch up sometime” Much better, it’s relaxed it doesn’t sound like a high pressure thing and she will feel more comfortable.

3. Tell her your plans and invite her: “Hey, this is what I’m doing, you should come along” This is more specific, more fun (if you do it right) and still relaxed and comfortable. It also demonstrates that you already have a life and that you can take control of a situation.

Confidence is paramount, confidence is not something that you have it’s something that you CREATE. Can you think back and remember times when you were more confident then other times. You can create this state of mind before you approach women, (get warmed up).

There is a big difference between appearance and looking good or having an attractive face. The least thing that any guy can do is make the effort to be clean, well dressed and well presented around women. Women are not attracted to the same qualities that men are, do not make the mistake of assuming that they are. Women are more complex.

Women place less importance on looks then men. You as a man are very lucky to have this in your favour. Your advantages lie in being able to learn skills that can make you much more attractive to all women.

Jokes, style, attitude, flirty games, mystery, challenges and of course confidence are the main triggers of attraction for women. Making her laugh and smile is a big step in the right direction. If she is smiling then she is having fun and feeling comfortable. Women will associate YOU with how you make them FEEL.

When you ask her out pay attention to time it appropriately. Make sure you build attraction first before asking her out. If you don’t know how to create sexual attraction with a woman then you absolutely must learn.

You can change your life forever and create countless opportunities by learning this single skill. If you have a woman attracted to you and you know from her subtle little smile, eye contact, body language, head movements, neck, hair touching ETC. Then you will find that asking her out can be very easy and natural.

Actually if you do this then asking her out will be expected. Once you do this then you offer her an invitation, no need to ask for anything at all.