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The Benefits of Dating Two Women at Same Time

Is double dating Right? Can you date two women at the same time…that is the question…Is it right to date two women at the same time? That’s the question I got this morning from a visitor. According to how the story goes, he pretty much suspect his girlfriend is seeing another guy and was wondering if it is cool to also see another girl… and I said maybe… you can… with reasons. If you know how to play the game.

Actually, I don’t want to cross the thin line between morality and reality… I know this could stir up some dirt but wait till you see the last paragraph. Dating two women at the same time seems morally wrong, it could boil up lots of issues…cause quarrel (if you are caught) and even leave you with gross feeling of irresponsibility, so what am I saying? Quit trying to date two women? No! Are there advantages of double dating? what could be the worst case scenario if you are caught.

First…It is obvious that bad guys get more women than nice guys…I am very sure of that… I am a professional dating coach and I have seen lots of guys pouring out their grudges about.

how they are working so hard to get a pretty girl who is working so hard to please “some other guys they are very sure is a jerk,” Girls are always working hard to get accepted by the bad guy and all bad guys deals with more than one girl at a particular time

Yes…they think it’s nice playing girls, that is how they survive, that is how they successfully play on their emotions… you know girls don’t come running to guys that are “standing,” they prefer chasing the ones that are running. so if you need to get girls, you need to start running away from them. That sounds ironical but it is one true-talk about dating women.

So what am I saying…? That there are good side to dating two women at the same time, also see how you can avoid falling into a ditch.