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How to Seduce Women

You may be wondering what you’re doing wrong when it comes to scoring the ladies. You’ve gone through your technique and can’t seem to find anything that upsets your game. Most likely, there’s nothing horribly wrong with what you’re doing- but there’s nothing right with it either, so women lose interest. To seduce women, you need to build attraction- which is where you could be losing out.

Give her a good time out of the bedroom first

Seduction isn’t all about sex. Your social skills are even more important than your bedroom skills- you’ll never get to practice your techniques if you can’t get her into bed first.

Seducing women isn’t all that different to befriending them. Your first goal when approaching a woman is to make her have fun. This might be through actions or through having her laugh all the way through a great conversation.

Give her a good time- spontaneity is key, especially when it involves a change of location. One technique is telling her about a really cool place you know, and insisting that you have to take her there. Then tell her that you’re going to go there, right now. She’ll be taken aback, but if you make it sound really exciting she’ll be up for it. The spontaneity of the situation will translate into a good time for her. If you’ve just met, it will make her feel like she’s known you for longer because you’ve gone somewhere together.

Your approach has to be adaptable, depending on what kind of girl you think she is. Whisking her away won’t thrill a woman with a well-defined comfort zone who doesn’t like surprises of any variety. This is where you need to execute some judgment and think of how you can give her a good time. If you’re at a club, dance with her. Women tend to love being twirled, which is fantastic for you because it’s not hard to learn how to twirl your dance partner.

All the while, you have to be a great conversationalist. Because everyone enjoys having their sense of humor tickled, aim to make her laugh. You shouldn’t prepare material to talk about. Because a conversation is dynamic and requires input from both of you, it will seem unnatural if you suddenly bring up a pre-prepared topic.

As you enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other, she will feel comfortable being with you and will be more receptive to sleeping with you.

How to initiate touch

You can’t expect her to jump into your pants if she doesn’t know what your intentions are. One way to build attraction and to show her what you want is by touch.

You have to pick the right moment to initiate touch- she’ll think you’re a creep if you put your arm around her within minutes of meeting each other.

A tried-and-tested way of beginning physical contact is by touching her forearm as you talk. Don’t overdo it, you just need light touches that fit in with your natural gesticulation as you talk. If she seems receptive to you touching her arm, by not shying away and even inching towards you, it’s time to escalate by placing a hand on the small of her back.

Confidence is the key to seducing women

Act like you have high value, and she’ll treat you like you have high value. Confidence is sexy. It helps if you believe that you have something to offer her, but confidence can easily be faked.

Confidence doesn’t mean bragging to her about your salary or status-symbol car- especially if you don’t actually have a salary or car worth bragging about. Instead, it’s about acting like the kind of guy that does have a Jaguar in his garage. Be an alpha male.

A strong sense of self-worth is conveyed through many body language cues. Convey your confidence by not shying away from eye contact. If you look away every time your eyes meet, you’re showing her that you are at her mercy. You also want to have good posture. Don’t be afraid of taking up space. Listen to her, but don’t hang off her every word.

Some men advocate being confident to the point of being cocky. Depending on the woman, this can either really impress her or put her off you completely. It’s up to you to develop a style which is natural and attracts the kind of girl that you want.

It doesn’t matter how hot she is

It’s a cruel irony: you want beautiful women, yet perfect tens have the ability to turn you into a quivering pile of jelly. You’re not going to land any ladies if you’re too nervous to get a sentence out.

Some guys swear by desensitizing themselves to attractive women, so they’re not intimidated when it comes to chatting one up. I’m not convinced about this one- if you’re used to knockout beauties, then it will be less exciting when you bed one.

Seducing a beautiful woman comes down to treating her like you would any other. Just because she’s good looking doesn’t mean you should give her special treatment. In fact, she’s probably sick of boring men taking her to expensive restaurants, plying her with pricey wine and dull conversation. She wants excitement- to be treated like a person with a sense of fun. Give her a good time and she’ll be drawn to you.

Another way of seducing a stunning woman is to engage with her intellectually. Men usually only interact with a beautiful woman on a physical level. They’ll be so preoccupied by her appearance that they’ll forget she is a person with a mind that wants to be stimulated. Rather than making her hyper-aware of her looks by leering at her chest or complimenting her looks, try to make her feel clever by having a philosophical conversation. Ironically enough, she will be more inclined to sleep with you because she knows you’re not just after her body.

You have to be different!

Buying her a drink, starting the conversation with a standard opener and waiting for her to develop attraction is not going to cut it. She’ll down the cocktail which you paid for and disappear.

If there’s nothing to set you apart from every other man that hits on her, she’s not going to go for you. You have to be mysterious, intriguing and different from the rest if you want to hold her interest. Seducing women starts by setting yourself apart from the competition. Make her previous experiences pale in comparison to the excitement you can bring and she’ll be eating out of your palm.